Novi Sad "Athens of Serbia"

Today, we are going to talk about Novi Sad, the second-largest city in SerbiaNovi Sad is located in the northern province of Serbia, Vojvodina, at the junction of the Bachka Canal and the Danube river, and is the second-largest city in Serbia.

Novi Sad was an important commodity distribution center in history, and at that time it became the center of Serbian culture and won the reputation of "Athens of Serbia".

In 2019, Lonely Planet, the world's most famous travel guide publisher, announced that Novi Sad, the world's top ten best travel cities in 2019, was selected and ranked third.

Lonely Planet introduces Novi Sad in this way: "Novi Sad is an elegant and laid-back Novi Sad, which is not ridiculous, not is it because of its status as the second-largest city in Serbia Highly anticipated because it is the site of the bursting EXIT music festival. The newly launched Gradić Fest is bursting with innovative energy and is reviving Petrovaradin through music, film, theater and art. At the same time, Novi Sad crowned a crown: European Capital of Culture in 2021. "

Liberty Square

To interpret the city of Novi Sad, perhaps we have to start from Freedom Square in the center of Novi Sad old town. The position of Liberty Square in the hearts of the people of Novi Sad must be irreplaceable. Since the eighteenth century, this has been the first choice for Novi Sad to hold important gatherings and celebrations.