The Most Beautiful Monastery In The World Is In Serbia

Speaking of Serbia, medieval monasteries scattered throughout the country are definitely a topic that must be mentioned. Serbian monasteries are extremely famous all over the world, and several are listed as the World Heritage.

So many people who know the monastery will think that the most beautiful monastery in the world is in Serbia. Indeed, for the people of Serbia, these monasteries are an integral part of their culture.

Serbia is a country with a long history. The Serbs attach great importance to religion. In medieval Serbia, the monastery was not only used as a place for spiritual practice and prayer but also as a training center for the top domestic academic talents at that time.


Later, because of the constant threat of war, the monastery spawned a unique architectural model that incorporated towers, city walls, and other fortifications into one, which is unique to Serbia in the world.

So today, the editor will take you to understand these treasures scattered on the Balkan Peninsula, and take a peek at Serbia's highly artistic side.

Studenica Monastery


The Studenica Monastery is one of the world's cultural heritage of Serbia and one of the most representative and valuable monasteries. The monastery was founded in 1190 by Stefan Nemanja I, the founder of the Serbian kingdom in the Middle Ages. Later, many other Serbian monasteries were built based on this reference.

The monastery is famous for its Byzantine art and frescoes from the 13th to the 14th century. And Stefan Nemanja I, the builder of the church, was buried here after his legendary life. The Studenica Monastery was once the cultural, religious, and spiritual center of Serbia during the medieval period, and its position in the religious buildings of Serbia is unshakable.