Those Serbian Legends

Don't look at Serbia as a small country, look like is the country full of legends and has bred a lot of legends. Today, we will show you a few famous people in Serbia.


Nicholas Tesla


"Father of AC" Nikola Tesla is a Serbian-American inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, chemist, and futurist. It is considered to be an important promoter of the commercialization of electricity and is best known for the design of modern AC power systems.

Based on the electromagnetic field theory discovered by Michael Faraday, Tesla has made many revolutionary inventions in the field of electromagnetic fields. His related patents and theoretical research work on electromagnetics are the cornerstone of modern wireless communication and radio.


In the three years from 1898 to 1900, Tesla completed the invention of remote sensing technology, spherical lightning, and artificial lighting, and soon took the first x-ray photo, creating neon lights, spark plugs, etc., which are still widely used items.


He even put forward the conjecture of dish-type aircraft, particle beam weapons, and anti-gravity powerboats. He has made important contributions to mathematics, nuclear physics, and electricity. Even eight Nobel physicists mentioned that a large part of their achievements was attributed to Tesla.


To commemorate this great genius, Tesla's house in Serbia during his lifetime was transformed into the Nikola Tesla Museum. It was built in 1952 in the Serbian capital Belgrade to commemorate and display Nikola. Tesla's life story.