The Guardian of Serbian Tradition-Ethnic Village



In Serbia, in addition to the famous cities and attractions, there is also a type of place that is also highly recommended and that is the ethnic village of Serbia. Over the past decade, a large number of authentic ethnic villages and farm settlements in Serbia have opened the door for locals and tourists from abroad.


The term "ethnic village" refers to the place that retains the ethnic heritage of its people, and this is reflected in the contents of their buildings, ethnic cuisine, and activities that guests can participate in.


If you want to learn about the traditional cultural spirit of Serbia, you must go to the ethnic village in Serbia far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As modern guardians of Serbian traditions, ethnic villages are scattered in various villages in this beautiful country. The local villagers are rustic and enthusiastic, rejuvenating the old way of life and old customs.

"Let's enter the forest

Look at the white autumn flowers

Fall on a straight road

Let's enter the forest

The heat is fading away

Looking for a yellow moon"


Serbian famous poetess Deshanka Maximovic's "Let's Get Into the Forest" portrays the beautiful scenery of the Serbian countryside as a dream, and these scenery are almost all integrated into the ethnic village of Serbia, for example.

So today, we will first introduce a picturesque ethnic village-Moravski konaci.


Moravski konaci is an ethnic village which is known as a hidden corner of paradise, located in the heart of Serbia, about 1 km from Velika Plana and 90 km from Belgrade. The entire village is surrounded by a lake with nine small islands in the lake, which are connected to each other by wooden bridges.

In this village, you can see the typical Serbian rural environment at the end of the 19th century, such as more than 200 years old native houses, log cabin churches, water mills, etc. A part of the village is mainly used to provide accommodation for tourists. After the renovation of many historic local houses, the needs of the current life and the appearance of the old houses are fully integrated, so that tourists can fully enjoy the country life.