This is Serbia – Užice and Sombor



Today we will introduce you to two small cities with unique characteristics in Serbia. I believe you will like them after reading it.





Užice (Serbian: Ужице, Užice) is a city located in western Serbia. Užice is the capital city of Zlatibor Region. During the Kosovo War, Užice was bombed by NATO troops. Now the main local industries in Užice include textile, machinery, leather and metal industries. Because of the terrain, it is also called "Chongqing in Serbia" by the local Chinese, which means in the middle of the mountain.

Užice is best known for the wooden village we mentioned many times, but in addition to this attraction, the Užice fortress is also called Stari Grad, which is also worth visiting.


The ruins of the Užice Fortress lie on the hilltop west of today’s Užice City, overlooking the entire city. Although there are only ruined tiles left, only the foundation and outline of the building can be vaguely identified, but it still does not hinder our remote thinking how spectacular it was.